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The Good Wife - Red Team, Blue Team

. This is my favorite episode of the season, and to be honest, the best episode in a long while by far. I enjoyed every minute Alicia was onscreen. I think Alicia in anger mode and refusing to take anyone's crap may be my favorite thing about the show nowadays. It always seems to lead to the best moments.
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smallville picspams

[5] Smallville Picspams

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smallville and doctor who picspams

[2] Smallville and Doctor Who Picspams.

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Aug. 25th, 2012

I haven't posted here in so long. Since Smallville ended I haven't had much use for it. Since I spend most of my time posting on Tumblr (as luckyll20), which as helped keep my Clois obsession going even now. Still haven't gotten over these two.

But I found myself a new show to obsess over.
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The Good Wife
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smallville picspams

A bunch of random picspams from Booster, Beacon, Kent, Homecoming, Finale, Lazarus and Idol.

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